Tips Realtors Have for Selling Your Home

Whether you’re moving to a new city or just looking to upgrade to a larger space, moving can be both exciting and stressful. Even though starting a new chapter in life is something to look forward to, that joy can often be overshadowed by the stress of selling your old home before moving on. Keep reading for some helpful hints and tips from realtors on how to get through the selling process in the quickest and easiest way possible so you can enjoy your move.

Price It Right

Homeowners always seem to think that they should set their asking price high and then lower it later if the property doesn’t sell. This can result in a slower sale, however, and sometimes at a lower price. The first 30 days that your home is on the market is always the most active period. If the price is too high, buyers and agents won’t bother to consider your property seriously, assuming that you’re unwilling to negotiate.

Work on Curb Appeal

This could be something as simple as a fresh coat of paint on your home or some new mulch and flowers. You can also replace your front door or mailbox. Realtors know that curb appeal is everything; people form an impression of your home before they’ve even walked through your door. You want potential buyers to enter with a good impression that will set the tone for how they see the rest of the property.

Clean and Depersonalize

A large part of staging your home for viewings is making sure it’s clean. This shows off your house in the best way possible. You may even want to consider bringing in a professional cleaning service. Equally important is depersonalizing, as buyers need to envision their own families in the space.

Make the Most of Your Rooms

If you’ve always used the room next to the kitchen as a random storage space, now is the time to clean up. All spaces should be staged to show how the buyer could best utilize them. Turn empty rooms into offices or guest rooms, which the accompanying furniture sets up. You really need to show people what they can get out of your home.

Make Showings Easy

The more flexible you are, the more people will come and see your property. Be ready to have buyers tour early in the morning and on nights and weekends. Also be prepared to leave the house when realtors give the tours so that the people touring feel comfortable giving their honest opinions about your home. When you leave, you’ll also want to take your pets with you.

If you’re working with dependable realtors that know how to advertise your home properly, the previous tips can certainly help you speed up your home sale, leaving you free to move on to the next stage of your life worry-free.