6 Tips for Selling Real Estate in a Troubled Market

With the downswing of the economy, people are getting worried about selling real estate. Headlines forecast doom and gloom for the housing market. The truth is that houses that are priced right can sell under the right circumstances. There are several methods to present one’s real estate so that it will sell more quickly.

1. Be neat – be excessively neat. People who come to see one’s house are looking for well-kept real estate to invest in. They do not want to see dirty carpets or soap scum on the shower walls. It goes beyond the items that would actually be damaged by messiness. The key is to give a good first impression.

2. Get rid of odors. Leave the house for awhile and then come back inside. Odors will suddenly stand out more noticeably than after one is in the house for several hours. Find where the odors are coming from and do whatever it takes to get rid of them. To make the house seem even fresher, open windows for a short while before the real estate agent comes to show the house.

3. Fix up the front. The very first impression potential buyers of real estate see is the front of the house. The front door should be freshly painted or cleaned. Light fixtures by the door should be polished and shiny. It helps if plants and flowers can be situated near the front door.

4. Do not overwhelm potential buyers with clutter. Some people are of the opinion that a house is meant to be lived in, so they leave things lying around all over the house. That is not a good attitude if one wants to sell one’s real estate. Things should be put away, or disposed of if they are no longer needed. Clutter makes the house look smaller and leaves a poor impression.

5. Simplify decorations. If home d├ęcor is strange or unusual, it is sure to be the most vivid memory the potential buyer has of the home. Even if the home is filled with family pictures all over the walls, it detracts from the general ambiance of the room. It may look great to the owner, but the buyer only sees a mish-mash of faces looking out from the walls. Simpler is better.

6. Make the rooms look bigger. People often look for real estate when they are upsizing their households. One should be aware that their potential buyers most likely want more room and not less. Rooms should look less full rather than more so. Smaller beds, less clothing in closets, and less furniture in each room will help the room look larger.

Real estate is doing well considering the state of sales in other parts of the country. However, the competition is still fierce. Only the homeowners who make their homes look appealing will stand a very good chance of making a sale. Buyers are still out there; it is just a matter of making a good first impression.