Finding a Realtor

There are many real estate agents in the world. However, not all of them are accredited member of the National Association of Realtors, which means not all agents are considered realtors.

What then is this person? What seems to be the advantage of hiring one compared to a regular real estate agent?

This is an organization or a group of real estate agents, who performs their duties in strict accordance to their Code of Ethics. This group was founded in 1908. By that time, there were only 120 members but not it has grown to over a million.

When you want to work with one, many experts or even veteran home buyers would agree realtors are the best people to work with. These people get the job done and accomplish their tasks with results that are up to standards. Their code of ethics outlines their duties to their clients and customers and they are legally bound to it as long as they practice this profession.

So if you want to work with a real estate agent, it is best that he or she is a certified member of this group. Where do you find them? Here are some tips:

1. You can check the National Association of Realtor’s website to find your state or local organization for real estate agents that is accredited by them. From there, you will be able to see the list of accredited people and you can see their personal profile and their contact numbers.

2. Your family and friends can also refer someone to youu. But once given a name, go to your local website and check if he or she is listed. Or perhaps, you can call up and verify the agent’s accreditation.

3. Visit open houses. From there you can converse with the realtor, find out more about their listings and ask for their information. You will know if this person is part of the organization when his or her calling card bears the REALTORĀ® logo. Or if you want to be more precise, you can still do the verification tips mentioned on the first and second items.

4. The Internet is the best way to search for them. It is in fact, the quicker option. You can simply use any search engine and you can have multiple results in no time.

5. Check out listings or advertisements for homes being sold. For sure, their names will reflect on the ad. Get their names and do background check.

Finding an agent of this caliber is easy to do. These people will always be proud to let others know that they are accredited to this group because they know the label could get the trust of the people. But just do not rely on the logo. Always verify it by calling or checking out the lists of agents on their website.

Whether buying or selling a home, work with a realtor. This is the way to handle real estate transactions if you want protect your best interest.

Know The Rules For Working With A Real Estate Agent With These 5 Tips

1. You are expected to sign a buyer’s broker agreement with most real estate brokerages. The buyer’s agreement is a contract between you, the agent, and the real estate brokerage. This agreement crazy relationship between all parties and explains the duties of each. There are two different buyers? broker?s agreements, and exclusive and nonexclusive buyer broker agreement. Make sure you asked what the difference of each is. If you do not wish to sign the agreement, don’t ask to have homes shown to you. If you are not satisfied with the work the agent is doing for you may request that your agreement with the agent be canceled. Some have cancellation fees in their agreement but most real estate brokerages will cancel the agreement upon your request.

2. Make sure that you always ask for a sign agency agreement. Most states by law required agents to give buyers an agent disclosure. A brokerage or agent disclosure is just that, a disclosure only and not agreement. A single agent agency is the best and most practice type of agency. Your agent represents you and the agent owes you fiduciary responsibility.

3. Let your agent know what you expect and what you’re expectations are. If you expect the agent to drive you around to all showings, let him know. A lot of agents will provide this service, but in my area because of a security issues, this is not recommended and all buyers are asked to meet the agents at our office. Be sure to inform the realtor how to communicate with you. Do you prefer the phone, e-mails, or text messages? When should the agent call you and how often? When you are looking for home be realistic about your goals and your timeline for finding a home. Supplying your agent with feedback is very important and if you’re not satisfied say so.

4. Make sure you understand everything before you sign any forms or contracts. If you do not understand anything in the contracts have your agent explain it to you. That is their job. Agents because they work with the contracts all the time may not think about explaining everything to you in detail. If you do not understand anything in the contract, ask the agent for the explanations until you understand and are satisfied with every. You also need to realize that realtors are not attorneys and cannot interpret the law. If you need legal advice on any contract make sure that you consult with an attorney at law.

5. Make sure you are ready to purchase a home. You do not need a real estate agent if you are not ready to buy. You can attend open houses without an agent, call any listing agent to show a house, but let the listing agent know up front that you are only looking around. Be honest and don’t waste a real estate agent’s time if you are not in a position to buy a home now. If you’re just looking the Internet is a great resource for you to find homes for sale in your area. When looking at homes leave your children at home with other family members, friends or hire a babysitter. Looking at homes with your children along can be very stressful. Make sure you have your check list of things that you need in the home, and a list of things that would be nice to have but not necessarily needed. And the most important thing, make sure you have your checkbook with you. If you find a home you wish to purchase, an earnest money deposit may be required with the purchase offer that is presented to the seller.

Buyers mostly need to understand that real estate agents have families and lives to live the same as they do. Most realtors put a lot of hours of work in everyday and do not receive any compensation for their time until a transaction actually closes. Respect their time and hard work.

Tips Realtors Have for Selling Your Home

Whether you’re moving to a new city or just looking to upgrade to a larger space, moving can be both exciting and stressful. Even though starting a new chapter in life is something to look forward to, that joy can often be overshadowed by the stress of selling your old home before moving on. Keep reading for some helpful hints and tips from realtors on how to get through the selling process in the quickest and easiest way possible so you can enjoy your move.

Price It Right

Homeowners always seem to think that they should set their asking price high and then lower it later if the property doesn’t sell. This can result in a slower sale, however, and sometimes at a lower price. The first 30 days that your home is on the market is always the most active period. If the price is too high, buyers and agents won’t bother to consider your property seriously, assuming that you’re unwilling to negotiate.

Work on Curb Appeal

This could be something as simple as a fresh coat of paint on your home or some new mulch and flowers. You can also replace your front door or mailbox. Realtors know that curb appeal is everything; people form an impression of your home before they’ve even walked through your door. You want potential buyers to enter with a good impression that will set the tone for how they see the rest of the property.

Clean and Depersonalize

A large part of staging your home for viewings is making sure it’s clean. This shows off your house in the best way possible. You may even want to consider bringing in a professional cleaning service. Equally important is depersonalizing, as buyers need to envision their own families in the space.

Make the Most of Your Rooms

If you’ve always used the room next to the kitchen as a random storage space, now is the time to clean up. All spaces should be staged to show how the buyer could best utilize them. Turn empty rooms into offices or guest rooms, which the accompanying furniture sets up. You really need to show people what they can get out of your home.

Make Showings Easy

The more flexible you are, the more people will come and see your property. Be ready to have buyers tour early in the morning and on nights and weekends. Also be prepared to leave the house when realtors give the tours so that the people touring feel comfortable giving their honest opinions about your home. When you leave, you’ll also want to take your pets with you.

If you’re working with dependable realtors that know how to advertise your home properly, the previous tips can certainly help you speed up your home sale, leaving you free to move on to the next stage of your life worry-free.

Benefits and Tips of Real Estate Investments


Real Estate Investments is the purchase of Land, home, office, shopping centers or industrial buildings to gain profits. Real Estate has limited liquidity and is an asset form of investment involving intensive capital and high cash flow.

These Investments are considered to be most safe if you are buying a property when it is at rock bottom prices. Such Rock Bottom prices are available through Foreclosed homes where you are buying property at almost half the market price.

Benefits of Real Estate investments are:

o Rental income plus appreciation of property value
o Tax benefits as the property depreciates in value in accounts books whereas it is actually increasing in value gradually.
o Collateral Security – Your investment can help become your collateral security for your future personal or business loans.

Some tips while making real estate investments are:

o Decide your budget – Calculate your current saving and potential future income and then accordingly make a sensible decision so that you are not the one who faces foreclosures rather you should be buying one.
o Research – Do a thorough research of the property you are going to buy including its neighborhood and title related issues.
o Area & Potential – Look for an area which has high potential to get rentals as well appreciate in value.
o Hire an Attorney – An Attorney can be of great help to check the documents and advice on legal formalities.

Risk management and evaluation of risk is part of property investments approach. Verify Ownership and purchase insurance of title to cover some of the risk. Screen tenants carefully to ensure they are not destructive and are good pay masters.

As maintenance of properties is required regularly and the returns may take time to come so a good financial backing is necessary. Determine your requirements and make an informed choice from plethora of investment opportunities available.

How can we find where to make real estate investments?

Look into online foreclosure listings, newspapers, through Realtor, Real Estate Investment Trust, Investments clubs etc.One must have great deal of knowledge before going in for property investments which can be gathered by becoming part of online or off line real estate groups or clubs